MiaLavi - suknie ślubne i akcesoria

THE STORY of Mia Lavi


Mia Lavi means more than just a wedding dresses. It's multi-generational tradition in Design and sewing ladies clothing, quality and certainty of the best fabrics.

Our dresses are a result of love, passion and full of care for the smallest details. Brand combines design, beauty and subtlety of materials. Unique fabrics and lovely laces makes every design special.

Mia Lavi's projects are inspired by lifestyles of the designers, which makes them surprising original ideas. The dress style is a combination of the aesthetics of the boho style and modern fine fabrics.

Dresses are created by two young designers, they enjoy a passion for architecture, music, art and painting. Mia Lavi was born from love for beauty and passion. We are here to fulfill your dreams!